The Best organic diapers in USA: ECO by NATY
The Best organic diapers in USA: ECO by NATY

Why is it important to buy organic diapers?

It is important because the health of your baby may be at stake, in many diaper brands the existence of chemical substances, such as the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), phenanthrene and naphthalene, have been detected, many manufacturers safeguard themselves saying that they are in Very small amounts, below the legal limit, but since these are potentially carcinogenic substances, they cannot be in products intended for babies, not even in those minimal amounts.

The ecological diapers take care of the health of your baby, and also that of the planet.

One of the best brands of disposable organic diapers is ECO by NATY (one of the most reliable in the world).

  • 100% certified biological and plant material in contact with the baby’s skin.
  • First ecological diaper with OK Biobased certification from one of the most demanding organisms in the world, Vinçotte.
  • Vegan certified. and Awarded with the Premium Performance award.
  • The ultra-light design provides a non-bulky fit, allowing the baby to move freely, thus improving protection against loss.
  • 100% chlorine-free (TCF, totally chlorine-free) and fragrance-free. Designed to minimize the risk of allergies and diaper rash.
  • Packaging material made from renewable material with an independent certification of the renewable nature of the raw material. Vinçotte and BPI certification in accordance with ASTM D6866. 100% FSC certified pulp.
  • 100% GMO-free, compostable, corn-based film leak barrier that is and ‘breathes’ naturally, resulting in a more airy, drier and more comfortable diaper.
  • Eco by Naty has been tested, verified and certified under STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.

Let’s see all the diaper gemma and products it has:

Disposable ecological diapers by age and weight:

Eco by Naty Diapers

Eco by Naty
Size 0
NewbornPack size: 25 pcs
Newborn (4-11 lbs, 2-4 Kg)
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Eco by Naty
Size 1 (4-11 lbs)

100 Diapers
ONE MONTH supply  4-11 lbs, 2-5Kg


Eco by Naty
Size 2 (6-13 lbs)

132 Diapers
ONE MONTH supply
6-13 lbs, 3-6Kg

Eco by Naty
Size 3 (9-20 lbs)

180 Diapers
ONE MONTH supply
6-20 lbs, 4-9 kg


Eco by Naty
Size 4 (15-40 lbs)

156 Diapers
1 Case
15-40 lbs, 7-18 kg

Eco by Naty
Size 5 (24-55 lbs)

132 Diapers
ONE MONTH supply

Eco by Naty
Size 6 (+35 lbs)

ONE MONTH supply
35+ lbs, 16+ kg



Eco by Naty Pull-Ups Training Pants


Eco by Naty – PANTS
Size 5 (26-40 lbs)

Eco by Naty – PANTS
Size 6 (35+ lbs)

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